Tips for eufy Security App v4.0

Hi users,
eufy Security App V4.0 is launching a brand new update in the coming soon. We want to go through the new features of the app, as well as see if you’ve encountered any difficulties while using the latest version.

Here are some of the new features:

  1. Region Selection
    In order to comply with relevant laws and regulations, better protect your data privacy and security, please make sure to select your actual region when logging in.

  2. Home Management
    Create a home or multiple homes to divide your eufy devices and easily manage them from one device. You can even differentiate permissions for each device for each home.

  3. Security Report
    Automatically analyze every event so you can quickly view what triggered notifications throughout the house.


1. Why are all my devices not visible after logging in ?
You cannot access the devices if you choose a new region which is different from the previous one. Please logout and make sure to reselect the actual region.

2. Why are all my SHARED devices not visible after logging in ?

Please tap “My Home” and Tap the “Shared Device” to get back all your shared devices :

3. How to enable Security Report Feature?

The feature is disabled by default. You can enable it via the app sidebar. Click on Lab Features.


Notifications after update are ridiculously long. Sometimes no notification until I open the app. My phone is not on battery saver and have notifications turned on.


When will we get a security widget?


The new app only works in wifi mode but when I switch to 5G it saus my homebase is off line. I Still reserve alerts and sometimes there is a mobile conection

Does someone know how to fox?


Wow… what a buggy piece of trash your dishing out! Ever heard of beta testers? I guess we ARE the testers. Really sad.


It has always been that way specially if you are using sensors and bub. Horrible security system


This company is a joke seriously, horrible updates and literally way too many flaws.


I wish they would address current problems rather than pushing out a version 4, the camera’s do not as advertised on the box, motion detection is rubbish and unreliable, camera’s going offline on their own and having to reinstall again. This has to be the worst security system out there and the Eufy support are useless because none of my problems have been sorted and unfortunately I cannot return this rubbish and being a pensioner cannot go out and buy another. Eufy if you read this which I doubt you will start listening to your customers because your company is getting a bad name with all these negative reports and I can no longer rely on this system to monitor my home utter rubbish equipment.


Hi, I switched to Eufy as it’s cameras but not doorbell (regrettably not) works with Apple HomeKit. Since middle January things went south. Thought maybe reset and remove from Home app. Now total mess as it doesn’t want to add back again as it states it already is in Home app which is false. Apple can’t help. So I wasted money switching from Ring to Eufy


was very pleased to read the good reviews and looking to purchase multiple camera’s for my home.
To check the possibilities and integration with Homey (most important reason for me to buy Eufy) and I bought the doorbell with Homebase.
Was very unpleasant to see however that with the IOS 4 update a wonderful integration and large fanbase (and target group) might get lost for Eufy if no solution/support to solve this issue together with Athom or creator of Homey app.
Hope there is some movement soon or I’ll decide to return Eufy to go to another platform for my home.
Thanks for looking into this (might be too naive but then again worth trying)…


After my partner’s phone updated to 4.0 all the devices were wiped and our whole security network seemingly reset. Anyone having major issues here? Super frustrating. I can’t even get 4.0, seems to be a partial/random rollout. Ugh


I think it’s whatever they’ve done in the last 6 weeks. I’ve had my system since June 2021 with no issues. Not until December '21 my doorbell was only notifying on all motion but not detecting on human motion. Now, when this new APP update rolled out, it’s all my cameras that have notification issues. Sometimes up to 15 minutes.


I am the same. No notifications at all really even with changing all the settings around


Is there any way to stop these updates because of mr experiences that everytime an update is pushed through my system goes backwards and does not function as it should and when reporting to Eufy support they are of no use only advised stupid fixes which they probably read from a check sheet. I do not know why the produce a product and offer no after sales service and all they are interested is pushing out new product’s without sorting existing faults customers are experiencing. Every topic on this forum there are complaints from customers which are ignored by Eufy, I so wish that my faulty equipmrnt could be sent back but unfortunately its gone passed the date that I could do so and now stuck with expensive utter useless security system that does not function as it advertised on the box.


Yes can anyone help? My app won’t upload to version 4 and now all my devices have just disappeared. Help!!!

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We can stop the app updates. At least on Apple devices. I loaded it on an iPad that I don’t count on everyday.

Now the STUPID forced firmware updates to our hardware …. Can’t do anything unfortunately.


When this update comes to playstore I am going to ignore it and stay on version 3 because if this is anything like their firmware updates then it’s going to be rubbish, my camera’s worked great up until a firmware was pushed through on 20/09/2021 then the problems with detection started and I was away on holiday only to find out camera’s were not recording which was not ideal. They then tried to fix it with another firmware but failed and contacting Eufy support on numerous timewas a waste of time because they are useless and to date my system is broken. Eufy are only interested selling new products and not supporting customers with existng systems and this stinks and poor from them.


What is exactly in the Security Report?

Eufy …please show examples.


It just flips through the same screenshots you see on the events tab. And then tells you what time of day the cams were busiest.

I think if you were one of those people that really wasn’t that involved in staying up to date on your notifications…. It would be an easy way to see a quick overview of your day.