Triggering alarm on mobile phone

Would be great if the app would also be able to trigger a lohd alarm on the mobile phone itself so you can also hear the alarm with you when the sound from the homebase is not good enough…


Do you have something like tasker on iOS?
What I did was create a task that plays a very loud siren over the alarm channel (thus ignoring mute or DnD) and have it play when a eufy security notification came by starting with something like “Alarm activated due to (…)”.

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Tell me more. This sounds very interesting.

I searched iOs store for tasker but no joy

Teach me your ways

I’m not familiar with iOS, maybe this can help:


Zou je me kunnen uitleggen hoe je het precies hebt ingesteld via Tasker?
Heb al liggen proberen maar krijg het niet voor elkaar.

Vriendelijk bedankt!