"Turn off camera" as an option for geofencing

The indoor cameras now have the ability to use geofencing, but the only settings available for the security modes (Home, Away) are to turn on/off recording, notifications, and alarm.

How about adding the option to turn off the camera itself? Lots of people don’t want indoor cameras on when they’re at home. The pan & tilt camera lens rolls back, so it’s hidden and it’s clear that the camera is off. Simply turning off recording isn’t enough, because the camera can still stream live and the LED can be turned off.


Especially with the pan and tilt camera which follows you around, I also am surprised this isn’t an option already. I would like the option to have the cameras off until we all leave the house. I didn’t buy a camera to watch myself lol.


please add this functionality!

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Yeah this is way too easy to add. The fact that it’s not already included is very, very concerning. I don’t like paying money for spyware.

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How does this option not exist already??

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Please add this feature.

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Yeah is it possible to get a response to this? Is it a security concern? Why hasn’t this option been added? I would like the option to turn on and off with smart home integration as well/ flic button inside the front door to turn on/off the camera.

Make it possible eufy. Also make it part of the security modes section to have cameras off toggle. There is far many things to mess around with

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Same here! Other issue is that setting home/away via a keypad to the HomeBase does not control the indoor camera’s as they’re stand alone.
Eufy, please add a smart power plug to the portfolio controlled via HomeBase so we can control the power and ensure the camera’s are fully off when at home.

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This is my #1 feature request after Schedule+Geofencing.


It should be a basic function.


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Just new here, but i came looking for this feature. Hope they will add it soon


Any update on this feature?

+1 for this!! It would be cool to have a led on in a specific color so you can see when it’s off so you can easy your mind!


Would be very handy! Maybe with a timer so it turns off/on 5 minutes after if entering/leaving a zone

Great way to improve privacy.

Yes please!!!

Please why is this not possible eufy . Would be nice to give a serious answer

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I am tired of waiting for this option especially as a Smartthings user. I just put the camera on a smart plug and have smartthings turn on and off the power to the camera as the Smartthings security modes change. Not ideal but it works.

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Turning off the camera should be the first thing possible in the UI. Not by having to go to the settings. And an option in the security settings. I just bought the camera and this is the first thing I was looking for. Disappointed it was not already added after reading this thread.

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