Turn off camera

The new software seems to have added one more step to turn off a camera?
When we’re having company or working outside we need to temporarily turn off some or all camera’s so we don’t constantly get notifications AND run the barriers down on the cameras!
An easier process to turn off would be nice.
Is there an easier way to just turn off a camera?
Or even better, a way to just turn off all the cameras at once temporarily would be great!

You can’t truly turn off a device that requires network connectivity to turn on and off. Some services have to be listening and talking to communicate with the app. You can set up a schedule or mode so a group of devices don’t record and notify. Recording and transmitting the video is probably the major draw from the batteries. That can be disabled.

I have a mode called “Turn Off Backyard Devices” which turns off all my cams and sensors in back of the house when I want to work or party back there. Devices don’t notify or record in this mode. Its easy to set something like this using the Security tab in the app.

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Yes but the camera will still activate and use battery.

It just won’t record or notify you of the event

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If you turn everything off so it won’t use battery, you won’t be able to talk to it to turn it back on again. Not possible to have it both ways.