UK Transformer recommendations for doorbell

That’s the same one I’m using and it’s working fine.

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Does the transformer plug into a wall socket? Are there options to have it elsewhere?

Yes in a wall socket and the one I have recommended has 8 metre connection wire.

It’s a plug style.

The only other option is to get an electrician to wire in a transformer to the bell or a solar panel.

Hi I have the same AC adaptor but my battery doorbell isnt charging , only shows Plug symbol but after 3 days now its giving me notification that battery is low . Is your battery charging with this 24V adaptor or have you checked it ?


Support recommended this:

However, I bought this as it’s slightly cheaper:

It’s working fine.

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Hi, as it’s been two weeks now, how’s the transformer from screwfit doing please?
I’ve only just received my doorbell this weekend, I’m now need to sort out the new transformer to replace the old existing transformer and then a electrician.

If you are using a transformer just to keep the doorbell battery charged (i.e. no chime unit connected), you must make sure that the indoor chime “existing doorbell chime” option is turned off. If it’s left on, the doorbell will connect the two power wires when the button is pressed, shorting out the transformer.


This is good advice, I was seeing other posts indicating this would be a fire hazard unless you have a resister inline.

thanks for this thread I was looking for the same. I have a Friedland 8v 1A transformer (worked fine with ring) but its not got enough juice for Eufy… I was looking for alternatives…

interesting, i just checked the two above and they are both 8V/1A, so no different to what I have now…

Any ideas why my Eufy 2k doorbell is going flat?

Hey craig,

I have a 8VA one already and the battery was going flat… Ive looked at that one and its also a 8VA one…
I have seen support also recommend a 30VA one (like this one which is big…

HOWEVER, I wonder if the issue is that I had the setting to “ring” the indoor chime turned on… As this would “short” the psu it might force it to cut out…

I would be interested to know how you have mounted the screwfix transformer ?
Have you placed it into an enclosure or just screwed it to the wall ?
The other thing is what voltage output are you using 8/12/24 ?
Thank you

I’m sure many have found themselves here and you guys are fed up of answering transformer questions by now… there really should be some clearer advice available somewhere!

Currently we have an old battery chime that is wired to the mains.

I have the wired version ready to install.

In the consumer unit There is an 8v transformer. Nice and easy to fit a new 16-24 one.

My question is on the wiring in the chime. Which terminals do I use the bypass cable on?! Pic attached any help much appreciated


If it helps chime is attached to 1 and 4 transformer to 1 and 3

Sorry for late reply.
I found that it will stop charging if the connection is exposed to the weather due to deterioration of the wires. I recommend that you either use waterproof tape or a bit of sealant to the exposed wires.

It has not been a problem since I did this.

Onto the wall and at 24v

It didn’t work, I’m sending back the doorbell as it doesn’t work for me

I am thinking that the jumper should go like this for mine?

I was looking at this one. What is the quality like? Does it buzz or give off heat? Is it literally a plug in the wall and the other end into the door bell? Thanks.

Hi all

I thought I’d place a post here as there seems to be very little info on UK transformers and Eufy compatibility so hopefully this will assist some people in the future.

See thread

Like this:

A bit late and you’re probably sorted by now.

It’s a plug in, doesn’t get hot and works fine. No buzz.
It’s straight connection to the video bell.

It seems to revert to battery after an update (?) but unplugging fixes it back to normal.