UK Transformer recommendations for doorbell

I was looking at this one. What is the quality like? Does it buzz or give off heat? Is it literally a plug in the wall and the other end into the door bell? Thanks.

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I thought I’d place a post here as there seems to be very little info on UK transformers and Eufy compatibility so hopefully this will assist some people in the future.

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Like this:

A bit late and you’re probably sorted by now.

It’s a plug in, doesn’t get hot and works fine. No buzz.
It’s straight connection to the video bell.

It seems to revert to battery after an update (?) but unplugging fixes it back to normal.

I have this exact transformer (BG Cub1) but my doorbell won’t charge (shows as wired but after a couple of days it’s dead).
Been in contact with support and they’ve told me that that transformer is no good for this as it’s 8VA and when plugged into the 24V it supplies ~28V.
Can someone please explain how this transformer works for some but not all?
And what’s a transformer that does work with this and can be hardwired?

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Had the same problem of the bell running out of battery power after a few days despite the fact that it was connected to an AC transformer with about a 12V ac supply. Have carried out 2 changes (1) increased the power output from the transformer to 24V and (2) I think more importantly TURNED OFF ‘Existing Doorbell Chime’ under the ‘Indoor Chime’ option in ‘Doorbell settings’. This appears to have cured the problem. I now see the power symbol on the Doorbell screen while previously it showed a battery symbol. Hopefully, this may help you if you haven’t cured the problem yet.