【UK】What Will You Buy on Black Friday? Share and Get a Gift

Already have the p24 . Great indoor camera . Was thinking of buying my mum one for Christmas

I am looking to buy the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro.
Couple of queries:

  1. Will it work with Alexa, say for example, when motion is detected by the Cam 2 Pro either send an SMS alert or switch on another light?
  2. Will you give a discount if I buy 2 Cam Pros?

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I’ve bought myself a Solo IndoorCam C24 and the RoboVac X8. I’ve just got my first puppy which we’ve called Casper. The robovac will help immensely with keeping the floors tidy from hair and dirt! And the IndoorCam C24 is now my puppy cam so I can monitor him when I’m at work. :slight_smile:
The Solocam S40 would be perfect for the garden so I can monitor the puppy and his safety when he’s out playing, as well as the security of my garden.

I will be purchasing another 2c cam for the front as I need wider coverage. They are just great!
I would love to receive an indoor cam as then I may finally figure out which of my doggies likes to leave me a ripped up toy of stuffing every morning :joy: looks like a dead sheep everyday!!

Maybe the flood light. But I have also been eyeing the doorbells for some time

I’ve been resisting video doorbells for a while but recently have come round to their benefits.
So I think I will be tempted with a video doorbell this year.


Nothing, until you fix Geofencing and add Google home notifications. Hope this gets lots of likes though :grinning:

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Ive just picker up my first doorbell. 2K wireless, its been amazing so far. Picked up as part of the black friday deals. Will be looking to add more soon

We’ve just bought the Hub with two 2c cameras. Got some great images from the driveway cam of me coming through our gate, walking to the front door and then our camera in the porch picked me up, all clear as day and auto-clipped once detection has stopped. The footage is almost too clear though as now I recognise I need to go on a diet!!
I’ve got to say, I’m really impressed with the quality of the footage, the ease of the set-up and the app. I’m hoping to extend our coverage to the garage, back of house and a couple of indoor cameras to check on the dog when we nip out, my illusive 5yr old son when we’re still at home and potentially pick up any unwanted guests, which I hope will never happen.
Regardless of the freebies your offering, thank you for providing such a quality, cost effective security solution that brings peace of mind to those that can’t necessarily afford to spend £1000s. Thank You

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Flood light camera or doorbell camera or both

I will be looking for a some outdoor cameras to add to my 2k video doorbell

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@barkworth62, that’s my intent too but ONLY IF I can CONNECT to my HomeBase2!

Do you (or anyone) know if that’s possible?

I would like to get a camera for indoors to check on my 84 year old Mum and see that she is OK

I’m hoping to buy the floodlight 2 pro if I can be able to save enough money for it

Trying to convince the fiancé that we need to get the 2k Wireless Doorbell with Homebase.

The we can then add several eufycam 2c Pros for coverage of the front, back and side of the house.

Hi all, looking to buy the Eufy alarm system, 2k wireless door bell and a couple of outdoor cameras. Long list but I’m impressed with the cameras I have already purchased.

Looking to buy the Robovac G30, as I’m too busy monitoring my cameras nowadays to vacuum up :rofl::+1::sunglasses:

Same as many here I’m interested in a robot vacuum.
Not sure what though, basic, app driven mopping?
Just need something to pick up the mess while I’m at work after the kids have created havoc that morning!
So yeah, a robot vacuum.


Great name @LegoMaster I loved the TV show of the same name.
I have a basic RoboVac, the 11s. It isn’t connected or app driven and has been a work horse over the last couple of years.
It does a good job for a Monday to Friday clean.
If mine ever fails I might be tempted with an app controlled version as I think you can set different schedules for each day of the week. The 11s only has one start time which applies to every day of the week.


I want the Floodlight Cam Pro. I know I will be coming in out of the cold on New Years day after a long night of escape Covid partying.

I need to light up my pathway, because I know I won’t be seeing so good.

Happy Holidays everyone…