【UK】【Winner Released】What Will You Buy on Black Friday? Share and Get a Gift

Flood light camera or doorbell camera or both

I will be looking for a some outdoor cameras to add to my 2k video doorbell

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@barkworth62, that’s my intent too but ONLY IF I can CONNECT to my HomeBase2!

Do you (or anyone) know if that’s possible?

I would like to get a camera for indoors to check on my 84 year old Mum and see that she is OK

I’m hoping to buy the floodlight 2 pro if I can be able to save enough money for it

Trying to convince the fiancé that we need to get the 2k Wireless Doorbell with Homebase.

The we can then add several eufycam 2c Pros for coverage of the front, back and side of the house.

Hi all, looking to buy the Eufy alarm system, 2k wireless door bell and a couple of outdoor cameras. Long list but I’m impressed with the cameras I have already purchased.

Looking to buy the Robovac G30, as I’m too busy monitoring my cameras nowadays to vacuum up :rofl::+1::sunglasses:

Same as many here I’m interested in a robot vacuum.
Not sure what though, basic, app driven mopping?
Just need something to pick up the mess while I’m at work after the kids have created havoc that morning!
So yeah, a robot vacuum.


Great name @LegoMaster I loved the TV show of the same name.
I have a basic RoboVac, the 11s. It isn’t connected or app driven and has been a work horse over the last couple of years.
It does a good job for a Monday to Friday clean.
If mine ever fails I might be tempted with an app controlled version as I think you can set different schedules for each day of the week. The 11s only has one start time which applies to every day of the week.


I want the Floodlight Cam Pro. I know I will be coming in out of the cold on New Years day after a long night of escape Covid partying.

I need to light up my pathway, because I know I won’t be seeing so good.

Happy Holidays everyone…

Eufy Floodlight Cam 2 Pro for my back garden

I.might take your advice on that thanks.

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Need a wireless external CCTV camera to catch number plates of cars blocking my drive!!!

I will buy a video doorbell

I’ve been looking at eufy security cameras for months. I even did the early bird discount code thing for a L20 solocam earlier this year - but I think I’m going to focus on homebase camera systems, like 2c pro or 2 pro.

When the ability to add an external drive to the homehub becomes available (as promised) and full Google home compatibility is fixed (as advertised) then I will buy the doorbell and another pro camera. Frustrated at the first and feel mis-sold on the second. Excellent system as long as promised and advertised features and functions are present!

Video doorbell 2k to replace existing doorbell

Hi all - I bought the Floodlight Camera 1080p just before Black Friday because there have been lots of reports of car theft recently. It’s the best purchase I’ve made this year! I’m a DIY novice but still managed to wire it in by myself and the result is a great floodlight and smart camera that is a fantastic home security device and hopefully deterrent for would-be thieves.

I’m planning to invest in the Cam 2 Pro soon for the back which requires a wider angle. The 1080p picture quality is brilliant, so expecting the 2k quality to be absolutely amazing.

Remote door bell and the twin 2k cam pack with homehub. Perfect to go with the single 2k cam used as a baby monitor and to provide total home security coverage and monitor wildlife in the garden