Unable to connect to the application server (again)

Just tried clicking 2 notifications, got a toast message saying unable to connect to the server. Launched the app, get a spinning circle and a message up top that says “Unable to connect to the application server”

Service seems down again at the moment. Can’t access any of my local recordings or alerts.

Yep, same here

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Not having an issue here in the Southern US for me anyway.

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mine is down, usa colorado

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Upon relaunching the app I can now see and view previous recordings, however the app immediately alerts unable to connect to the application server and the recents page will not successfully refresh.

Motion notifications are still coming through. Attempting to click them to view the event fails however.

Edit: Appears to be back up again.

Still down. I was doing some work outside the house and turned off all cameras to home mode. Now I can’t turn back on so… no notifications.

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Interesting. Mine seems to be working again, just tried switching modes and seemed to be successful. Have you tried relaunching the app?

Every thing is ok here in UK.

Guessing same area again? Not good.

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Tried relaunching twice.

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Looks like is back to normal.

Florida, Miami, USA

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Was probably a dns update or something. I caught a 502 error accessing the forums a moment ago that resolved itself on refresh as well. Still though. :confused:

Are they down again? I can’t view events on the app

Hmmm, someone else just reported the same as well. Mine seems to be working at the moment though. Will report back if that changes. Probably another dns update I’m guessing.

It’s absolutely ridiculous that’s Eufy doesn’t tell users ahead of time they are “updating”.

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@Mengdi what is going on

It’s down again!!!

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We didn’t receive any error reports. What’s your problem here


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The server should only be there for cloud storage and updates in my view, Eufy need to add the function of dircet connection to the homebase.


I’m getting unable to connect to application server for the last 3 days what is going on