Unable To Create Customised Security Mode

Not sure what has gone on here, previously has customised security modes on the app, went to create new and now the previous have gone!
Each time attempt to set one up keep getting “Failed Request 129”

signed out and back in / deleted the app and reinstalled, the issue remains.

Anyone else seen this or an Eufy server problem again…

Quite bit of table tennis with support.

First asked me to reset the whole system, which this should not be the first response, reset it and hope it fixes it!
Then asked to delete the app and reinstall, done this, no change
Then asked to try on another network and resent my phone network settings!
Then told me to update the app which i had the latest version

Come on… Just loaded the app on new device and logged on, still the same AS IT IS ON ALL THREE DEVICES!! (two are apple and one Android) This is clearly either account back end or App issue

I have the same issue. Wanted to add a new mode and an other custom mode is deleted. The new mode cant be added because of the failed request error (-129). If you know a solution please let me know.

Good to hear this issue not just with me, had all the type of responses and actions by support, some just straight stupid TBH, its clear this is a firmware issue and again Eufy cant or will not acknowledge the problem and fix it.