Unlock the power of eufy Doorbell - Motion Detection

I’ve been trying your suggestion since my last post. At first it seemed to do the trick. But since last week, random notifications seem to pop up more often.

Then there is another problem: The doorbell seems like it is in a very deep sleep sometimes. Visitors press the bell but nothing happens. A lot of times. It usually starts to “wake” after a second or even third press. Also a very mild short press does not seem to wake the doorbell. Holding the button for over a second seems to do the trick. But I want my doorbell to respond when someone presses it. Not after you find some kind of magic threshold.

I start to believe that my doorbell is having a defect of some sort.

Totally agree. My doorbell does not detect vehicles approaching door and sometimes completely misses person approaching door especially if there are wearing mask or hat. also person more than 10 feet away from the camera is not detected even when I set the sensitivity to ‘High’. however it detects vehicle moving across the camera on the road that is atleast 15 m away from camera. Also I’m surprised that my eufy cam 2c placed above doorbell detects movement while doorbell does not, while Arlo that is placed 5 meters away from Eufy cam manages to consistently capture all the movement that is missed by Eufy. however I’ve to admit Eufy is quicker than Arlo to alert and too load video. I feel Eufy still has to improve on their AI and motion detection

At first sight this picture seemed to make sense for the motion detection part.
But seriously, who has his doorbell mounted on a wall angled like this? I see a lot of houses. But I can fairly say that this setup is very uncommon for a doorbell mount

I’ve sent my doorbell back to the shop. Today I received a message that repairing is impossible and that I will get my money back.

I’m figuring out whether I want another eufy or that I’m going to look for another doorbell.