【Update】Unlock the power of eufy - Make Your Battery Doorbell Last Longer

I think that if you read the info fully it says up to 6 months depending on the features used, I use mine for doorbell only and after 60 days it’s at 77% charged if you want to use all the features constantly then you need the wired version


It’s best case scenario. Do you really think everyone get the figures car manufacturers spout on about mpg or range. Common sense really.


We have a battery doorbell and wireless plug in chimer. Is it possible to add a second chimer (or even a third) so we can hear the chime throughout the property? Thank you.


If I use my Eufycam 2 Pro as a motion sensor and use an automation to record video on the battery doorbell, will both devices record?

Here’s an idea. Fix your firmware so the motion zones actually work. I have my doorbell set so that it only alerts me to motion at the area in front of my door but it is triggered whenever a car goes by even when the zone is narrow and not near the road. This is the same problem with your cameras.


Doesn’t really matter what you do!!! My doorbell is wired in and the battery STILL shuts my entire doorbell down after 2-3 days AND it caught one doorbell (new home) on fire!!! My doorbell has been turned off since June as it died again after three days AND ITS WIRED in!!! I can’t risk burning my house down! Don’t buy their product it doesn’t detect :poop:!

Here’s an idea fix your software instead of releasing these lame howtos to pretend there’s nothing wrong with the doorbell?

Your doorbell doesn’t even survive with your highest recommended 24v transformer.

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I found the battery life is not long last as instructions. Once fully charged. Mine one almost run out battery so quick better find wires one I suggest.

Maybe if you live in the outback of Wyoming and have 2 visitors in a year.

How can I get the battery doorbell to record 3 seconds before the motion trigger? The wired doorbell has this option, but not the battery? I know it uses more power, but it’s worth it to me


I totally agree. I would like to have this feature.

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Can wire the unwired model?

No lol

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I have mine set to door bell only, still picks up cars and people out side the fence, used 45% battery in 24 hrs

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Battery lucky to last a month before charging…

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I have to recharge every two weeks. The Only solution you can come up with is to disable all the features I bought this for? If I could return it I would in a heart beat. But I have had it for more than a month so can’t so that. $350 doorbell that doesn’t do what it says.


Do I have to change anything in the app when I hardwire it?
I have wired it correctly (only to a trafo AC 8VA, no chime), but the app only shows be the battery icon and the battery is still depleting (@61% now)

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Hey I have the doorbell had the sensor on human only and motion on 3 it missed a few people passing right in front of it,even myself.
Put it on a motion zone, also put it up to 5 sensitivity and it’s still missing people, can I please get some help with this problem.thanks


Why do you want a doorbell camera to be use as a doorbell only? Buy a cheap $10 wireless doorbell only!

Half a year battery life??? Try 5 days!!!