Using cameras to turn on Alexa lights

I love these cameras and the software and wonder if there’s a way to use the camera motion sensor to tell Alexa to turn on my garden lights for 2 mins.
I’m not seeing any clues on here or the Alexa app, just wondering if some clever person can help :wink:

I know I can get eufy motion sensors but it seems crazy having one of them sitting next to the camera.



Alexa, Google is very, very limited unfortunately.
Could, should have much better integration. Hopefully it will improve!

+1 for this feature. I’m thinking of returning the cameras because of this.

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At the moment it seems it is just possible to turn on and off the light by alexa (by voice or routine).

I have this working(camera detects person then turn on lights for x mins) using a combination of
Ifttt phone app to watch for eufysecurity app notifications
Ifttt triggers a smartthings vrtual switch if eufy notification
Create the virtual switch in smartthings
Create alexa routine to turn on lights if virtual switch is on

Its convoluted but works but requires minor technical knowledge. Ifttt app must be running on the phone which gets notifications


Would love more, Alexa integrations.

It would be best to have smartthings integration but I would take better alexa integration. Please make “on motion detected” available in addition to “on doorbell press”. This would be a good first step so alexa could turn on smart lights. I currently use an alexa routine to turn on lights when the doorbell is pressed between 11pm to 6am. This helps to get more lighting for the recording.

Would this work with Google Home as well?