Using Eufy with slow internet

Does anyone have experience with a slow internet? I chose Eufy because of the local storage and - it seemed sensible - the ability to download a high resolution video over the internet even with a slow internet connection, taking as much time it needs. I expected live view over the internet to be choppy or lower resolution, which is normal, but still be workable, like my Ring camera does. Instead, I haven’t been able to download a single video, it keeps failing with error message "Failed to request (20022)”. And most of the time, any remote live viewing starts well but fails after a few seconds with a “cannot connect” message. Very disappointing. I use a wired Video doorbell 2K. I also purchased the floodlight cam 2 pro, which I haven’t installed yet, so it’s just the doorbell. Is the software on this system just not robust, or is there any solution for this? Eufy support doesn’t seem to have any valid suggestion