Video doorbell: Alexa randomly told me ‘someone is at the door’

Did anyone else’s doorbell randomly ring today at 1:30am (GMT-London,UK)?

My doorbell via Alexa randomly woke the whole house up. I went down to investigate and there was nobody. The only video recorded is of me opening the door and having checked on CCTV there is no evidence that anyone was there. If someone had physically pressed the device it would have captured some footage or come up as ‘answered’ in the event notifications which makes me think that perhaps something went funny with the link to Alexa?

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Yes, and 3am. Frightening my wife but we couldn’t see or hear anything. Very strange to now read your post.

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Mine rang again last night approx 11.30pm. Still not sure why

Mine also did this at both the stated times others have mentioned. I’m also in the UK. Very weird

Do you know whether this happened to any non-eufy users? I’m wondering whether this is an Alexa only issue or Alexa+Eufy issue.