Video lost after clicking notification, event list slow to propagate

At least the second time this has happened to me… I get a notification, click it, and as I’m watching the clip it stops playing and I get the spinning circle. If I back out and go to my events tab that video never appears. Ever. However if I go to a different device and click the notification there I am able to watch the video, but once the notification is gone I have no way to ever access that video again because it never appears under events.

Also, fwiw, while this was happening 2 other cameras had recorded stuff a moment before and it took 4 full minutes for those events to show up in the events tab. 4 minutes is way too long to be waiting for a couple of 30 second videos to process and propagate. This is a security system, not a highlight-reel for our entertainment. (Edit: Subsequent events have been propagating in a reasonable amount of time. Perhaps whatever it was that caused video playback to crash really hampered performance somehow.)

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Having the exact same issues. But it’s very random, sometimes I can view the notification and it will appear in the event but sometimes never. It’s not my internet speed!

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Lost another one this evening. :frowning: