Videos is about 30seconds delayed

Doorbells do not always give notices and is almost always 30sec delayed. And don’t always catch a person approaching the door but gets them walking away. So I can’t see the face of the person always. Mostly happens when it cold outside ( I THINK) It’s just coming into spring so I will know better in a few weeks so much money on 2 video door bells and they only half work it is very annoying :angry: honestly I would like at least half my money back because these things kinda suck.


Yep, I’ve been having notification delay issues recently with my 2k Battery Doorbell as well. My delays have been anywhere between 30 seconds to 10 minutes! This truly is a major problem since it literally defeats the purpose of catching someone walking up to the doorbell or standing at the door.

Any help from Eufy Support on this forum would be great!


Any firmware updates to fix this notification delay issue yet???

Same problem, not cold though 10 minutes delay on app immediately sound on base, but no good if you not home by time notified visitors left. This has been going on for months on mine 2k doorbell, becoming useless.

Same here. Support please fix this big problem !!!

I didn’t understand much of that reply, but ok.