[Vote] Have your say on New UI design of the App Homepage!|Design discussion

Add a notification place to advise if your referral link has been used, number if referrals you’ve made, number awaiting payout, payout date etc.

To help referrals work we need to SEE the effect.

Please fix the issue that “other admins” have the same ui access as the primary admin.

For instance, the other admin doesn’t see event count per camera or get a listing of when devices or home base is updated.

I truly want to commend Eufy for realizing the homepage needed a lot of help; but more importantly I want to THANK @EUFY for asking user’s opinions regarding the revisions to come.

Now, I think many have covered the bases here as to why Option 3 is by far the best (IMHO)…

BOTTOM LINE: The least amount of WASTED SPACE is what I care about. I understand that there must be some theming that is “Eufy-centric” but I think there is a very valid argument for trimming down the ‘padding’ at the top of Option 3 and cleaning it up further to provide users with the most ergonomic, uncluttered, common sense layout possible. The GUI should not be so laden with PRETTY STUFF, fancy graphics, large profile pictures/avatars and oversized fonts that the most important FEATURES end up feeling & looking like they are an afterthought!

Controls need to be seamless & they should not require digging into multiple menus or submenus whenever possible.

THERE NEEDS TO BE A DARK THEME…I cannot express this more robustly or vociferously! Whatever the DEFAULT theme is, PLEASE do us loyal users a huge favor and provide a DARK version. I’m begging this of the UI team.

Thanks in advance!


There is a dark theme, you have to go into your account page, click in preferences in the left hand drop down menu, and then click on interface on the right hand drop down menu. Click on theme and select Dark and save

Not for Android. On Android 11 you can specify a forced dark mode override for certain apps and I enabled that for the Eufy app. Aside from the top part and splash screen, it looks pretty good!

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Sorry, my friend, for you are misinformed! In the Android ecosystem, there is NO DARK THEMING AVAILABLE, and the app does NOT mind system wide DARK SETTINGS for all UI menus, screens, etc., plus stock / standard applications which the user can either select always light or dark theming OR it can be set to LIGHT by day & DARK by night–typically following sunrise / sunset times locally for the individual device!

Eufy should at the very least include the ability for their Android applications to MIND SYSTEM DISPLAY SETTINGS regarding theming.

My apologies I don’t use the app and stick with the web browser, hence my previous mention of dark theme does apply.

I agree too. Maximizing means you cannot get to the history for indoor cameras.

The feature is there. On the app, click the three lines in the top left. Select settings and then “Display order”. Use the right side to move up or down… Hope this helps

I agree.
No dark theme in Android. Would be nice.

it did help me. But is quite ‘hidden’ after x menus. :slight_smile:

Please please please add multi camera view. How can you have a camera app that you can’t view multiple cameras at once?


Number 3 looks the best but I would still prefer smaller topscreen: compact that, so we can have more camera views below without having to scroll.
And also the lowest part of the screen: why is that white button part so big/high ? Make those more compact as well.

I think option three is the best as it seems to have the least wasted space. However, I still think the design could be tightened up a bit.

Suggestions to improve option three:

  • Reduce the amount of padding at the top and bottom of the screen.
  • Change the avatar to an icon and reduce its size. Since people have to be logged in to use the app they none need the avatar to show they’re logged in.
  • Add icons to the status buttons.

The addition of the status buttons will be a very welcome improvement. I have the keypad but it’s so unreliable I often have to change the status using the app. I also hope this change will allow users to change the status of all devices at once.

It would also be great if the app could refresh the preview images of all cameras on launch. Even better if the images could be refreshed periodically (e.g. every 30 seconds) and/or manually by dragging the screen down.