What is the Power User Program

While looking at eufy’s website I see a reference to join the Power User Program. Curious what this entails? I generally classify myself as a power user, so I’m intrigued.

The power user program was where you could sign up to test and review certain products, this was on a first come first serve basis as products would be claimed before some even knew about it.
Anker has mostly done away with this in favor of testing events, they post a product for review and users can sign up with their testing plans and then Anker will choose who they want based off what and how they plan to test and review the product.

So if you want to participate I would look for the testing events on Ankers community page or here if Eufy decides to hold their own testing events

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Bingo, in next stage we will move the power user program to the community. So if you are interested please pay more attention to the community.


Or Eufy could put it in the “explore” tab on the app…otherwise I think the tab should be called the “shop” tab which it does defers to when you click on a item.

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