When I turn off notifications for motion detection it stops recording all motion detected. I would still like to be able to access them in the events, just don't want the notification everytime. Is this possible?

I want my door bell to record all motion detection but I don’t want to be notified.
I have tried turning off notifications but it just stops recording all motion detection as events. I do not want this. I want all motion events recorded I just don’t want to be notified everytime someone walks past.

It is possible I had the 2c camera for over 2 years and they worked great no notifications and all events still recorded and where found in the app, but as of a month ago I cant see any events in app and the only way I see activity is in my phone’s notifications. Dont know what they changed. I called customer service they blamed my home base ordered new home base of course mine was out of warranty. Set up like new and still nothing. I think there was a Update early July that screwed everything up. I know that was a little rant sorry for that the answer used to be Yes and fingers crossed hope some day it will be again…