Where to buy spares?

When I took one of my 2c cameras down to charge it, I lost the plastic insert that falls out when you unscrew the camera from its mount. Any idea where I can get one? Thanks all.

I asked Eufy support the same question a while back and they said they could sell me replacements for $10 each. I wasn’t too pleased with that offer so I complained a bit and they sent me two for free.

EDIT: Also, here’s a link to the mount that you can show them so they’ll know what part you’re talking about. https://us.eufy.com/products/t8410121-82

Thanks for your reply, but that’s the wrong part. My mistake, I believe my cameras are the eufycam 2c Pro which are the smaller ones. Not sure how else to describe them.

Sorry, I failed to notice that you had 2c Pro cameras which would have a different mounting bracket. I think I’ve found the right one now though. https://us.eufy.com/collections/security-accessory/products/t88311d1-81