Why all the hate for EUFY

Very happy with the system for my home my only CON is the delayed latency talking to somebody over the door phone
Occasionally the APP freezes but otherwise very reliable with iPhone 12

Because Eufy is completely inept at fixing the issues with their product. They put out all of these “tips” when it seems like I just have to disable the features I bought it for to make it work. The features like motion zones on the doorbell are absolutely worthless. They don’t work for anything. Eufy needs to get a new engineering team as this group is not, in any way, doing a good job. Will definitely be going with Ring when I can.


Seems like the Eufy experience is very YMMV - some ppl may have minimal issues, but as you can tell from this forum, plenty have other ppl have a host of issues (that are shared by many other users).
From personal experience, my 2k (hardwired) battery doorbell has had wildly inconsistent motion detection and causes phantom chimes on my house’s mechanical chime, sometimes in the middle of the night.

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My door bell is a pos, can’t tell me when someone is here. Eufy is saying h I need yo leave the app open. That is a big fail, you might say that is Apple or Android. No it is not my other cam from competitor is fine don’t need to have my app locked to stay open. That is why people trash this company

The reason I hate Eufy is because I spent £900.00 on equipment that they sell and give you no support when you experience problems, my camera’s worked perfectly for 4 months then they pushed out a camera firmware update which broke the motion detection and when you contacted Eufy support their answers was of no help and also tried to blame me for where the camera’s were located. This company Eufy are only interested in selling and not supporting there products also they advertise a very strong alarm which is a lie it is so soft you cannot hear it in the next room.

They lie about everything and not interested in getting the product working and I do not rely on my 3 x 2c camera’s to monitor my home but on the motion and window/door sensors because hopefully they cannot break that.
I wish people would read these forums before deciding on Eufy system and I must say that when the system worked it was good but since they broke motion detection on camera’s it has not been reliable so that is why " I HATE EUFY "

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No google integration as advertised

And why have a black doorbell while the outdoor cams are white?