Why did it not detect thief?

Last night something was stolen from our front garden in direct view of our security camera, but the thief did not trigger the motion detector despite being there for what I assume must have been a few minutes, as what they stole was very big and heavy. Also, it is worth noting that the thief would have also triggered our porch light, so the infrared setting would not have been needed to detect them.
The camera has never had any problems before and every day detects multiple people coming to and from our front door after a delay of about 3/4 seconds.

Can anyone help me understand why the thief was not picked up on the camera and what I could do to prevent this from happening again?

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I have a problem where it doesnt pick up all activity. It will pick up people entering but not leaving or viseversa. The events can show someone leaving that hasn’t shown entering. If it is a glitch then thats a concern. Actually concerned the feed may have been jammed.

The outdoor battery cams are very picky about the angle of approach of objects in their field of view. Objects moving across the cameras field of view are detected better than objects moving toward or away from the camera. Also, if you mount the camera too high it cuts down the detection distance.


This is good to know, thank you! I’m having a similar issue where my front camera isn’t picking up motion correctly and couldnt figure out why, this may be my solution, thanks!

Can we get a screenshot from that camera? Also…. What cam are we talking about? What are your settings? Human only?

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