Wifi interference resolved

Been having intermittent issues with cameras at the front of the house but not at the back. After a fair bit of research and experimenting, found that my car alarm was interfering with the WIFI from the cameras. In summary, some car alarms use a signal around 2.4Ghz or so, and typically on channels 6 and 11. My router was set for a smart channel select and a few months ago settled on channel 6 (I presume to avoid interference with the new neighbour’s router). Since then the front cameras went off for long periods. Now I know what the problem is, I’ve set my router to use a fixed channel 13 and all is well again :slight_smile: Hope this helps anyone experiencing the same issues.


Er… you live somewhere other than North America, right? (Wifi on 2.4GHz Channel 13 is a no-no in MexUSCan.)

Yes I live in the UK.

@sacallaghan Just curious, what make/model car do have so I can bare this in mind if I come across the issue.

On a similar interference weirdness, my Roku 4K remote power button when pressed sends a short interference burst to a couple of night lights I have plugged in :rofl:

Great info mate, I’ve been troubleshooting connectivity issues on and off for the past couple of years and I think this has just solved the problem. Thanks

Toyota Prius 2008 model

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Interesting. Wonder if it’s due to car being electric and creating a bigger EM field. Thanks for replying.