【Winner Released】Guess How Much We Will Raise To Win a Free Smart Mail Box

My guess $1.1m

711,000 is my guess

Good question, since I cannot split the prize to 2 people, so first come first own the quote.

I’m guessing $750,001

I geuss is 100k

12,000 dollars???

@Mengdi, you may want to add that, as well as a rule that prohibits editing, to the original post.

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Nice concept of guessing the amount @Mengdi. It is hard to guess though, without knowing the unit price and considering every house may not be suitable for this type of product, I would say the Smart Mail Box may raise around $1,150,000.

696…steak dinner, boom. Not sure if it’s supposed to be 3 digits or the actual price so there’s my 3 digits and here’s my price lol $696,000

My guess, $222,222

I think still there are 3 boxes to giveaway… if 2 or more members quote one of those 3 closest figures, the first member quoted that number will be picked. This is my take on this.

$285,000 is my guess

237,673 is my answer

hmmm… 750,000

I guess $750,011

I’m guessing $329.00 AUD

I guess 299,000

Im guessing $464,000