Wired Battery powered Eufy doorbell not charging

So I installed the battery powered doorbell using the existing wires but my battery isn’t charging…I do not have the plug symbol…I tried resetting it and reinstalling it …I checked the power source and everything seemed to be fine…any ideas on how to fix this? I want it wired.

It depends on your electric circuit!
In my case, I had a mp3 chime inside, which was the cause of not charging the doorbell, because of missing electric resistor. I replaced it with an oldskool analogue ring chime, which also have something around 10 ohm or whatever, and THEN the doorbell is charging. That means:
Digital chime inside: Not working
Analogue chime inside: Working

Ask an electrician about this issue, he might explain it much better than I can :smiley:

I was told that the battery would never charge from the doorbell wiring; I’d have to disassemble the unit and charge it with USB cable.