Wired doorbell cam unreliable motion detection!

My wired cam picks up humans no problem at my gate. But past that will not pick up humans walking across the camera. Adjusted settings and height etc. Still doesn’t work. Picks up cars no problem so cant be a distance thing. My old ring video doorbell picks motion up no problem. And so does my reolink cctv. Disappointed so far with eufy.

Set your activity zone to full, put it on max sensitivity and put it on all motion and see what you get.

Adjust activity zone to what you want detected, until it is picking up humans walking across, then set to humans only. Change sensitivity if far too many false alarms.

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Same issues for me. False positives all the time with the “human detected” message and a picture of the ground. Then this morning my wife went for a walk and it didn’t detect her either leaving or coming back. I switched from Ring to this and the Ring was definitely better.

Eufy fix your code!

Just figured I’d join in on the fun. Just set our wired doorbell up yesterday in our new house, and I woke up to five alerts of my wife’s wheel being a human. Not even 24 hours and I’m kind of wondering if I should have stuck with Ring not registering anyone at the door, but every garbage tuck getting an alert… Or five “Your wife’s SUV is actually alive!” push notifications.

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Getting the same as others with the wired doorbell. Many human detection that are objects, lights, vehicles, halloween decorations. Also missing some true human detections.

Tried playing with the motion zones but they seem to have no effect since I have a zone blocked that had a decoration and light detected as human in it.

Also I don’t understand why there isn’t the option to add more then 1 of each type of motion zone.

Eufy should have a button on the recordings to mark and send as false human detection to make it easier for users to send them false alerts for the AI algorithm learning.


I wish my pro doorbell would detect any motion. Even false positives would be refreshing at this point.

Same here. I been testing the detection settings for 2 weeks now. It seems like all sensitivity setting levels are looking for a face except the last one, which detects all changes. But if the settings is on detect all motion, thw sensitivity is too high. My doorbell gives me a notification every few minutes with this setting and all of them are fails alerts. But if i dont have it on this setting, when i am in front of the camera with my face covered it will not detect me.

I’ve had my doorbell since the spring. Seemed to work really well and since the last update in October it’s awful. I get 100 notifications about the cars tire that’s parked in front of my house as a face, but the UPS guy delivers a package , no notification. Doorbell rang, no notification (and didn’t even hear the doorbell ring inside !) seems far worse at night with the false notifications. I even set the car in front of the house as a no activity zone - and this morning it missed a UPS guy delivering. Come on Anker…fix this !

I’ve same issues. I have mounted Eufycam 2C above the door for motion detection as the one wirth doorbell is useless. ll motions setting detects trucks on the road (15 m away from door) but the vehicles or person approaching the door on the driveway are not detected unless they are face-to-face with camera. Person with mask or hat are not detected at all.

I’m telling you - the October update really made things bad. Last thing I want to do is spend more money on another freaking camera for my house - just make it work like it’s supposed to !

So customer support emailed me and had me reboot and reset the entire doorbell saying it could be defective. I emailed them back all the info. Just did a hard reset and pairing and it’s still sketchy on notifications. I told the customer svc rep they need to check their forums because there’s a whole bunch of us having the problem. All of our units can’t be defective ?!!

Motion detection sporadic at best, if eufy wants to be worth the money they need to hire new engineers.

Wired 2c Doorbell cam unreliable. Often fails to detect people walking up to my front door. Often detects people leaving the front door, showing me their backside. Often detects walkway to front door as a person. At night it records many events when no one is at the front door. I have it set to detect everything in front of the doorbell and at maximum sensitivity.

Unfortunately, I had to do the same thing. I have a Eufy Cam2 Pro that I use as the motion sensor to trigger the doorbell. To have to use another device because their doorbell is horrible with motion detection is something Eufy is not really acknowledging. This by far is their worst device with the most consistent issues and complaints. I bought it to complement my Eufy cameras and use in their ecosystem, when in fact the cameras help operate the doorbell, lol.

Yes, it is possible to bulk delete. On my phone i open the app and tap on my notifications to see a bunch of therm, then i tap on the little "pencil icon"and choose the ones i want to delete, as many as it shows on my iphone screen

I got a wired unit end of November 2020 and at first it worked well . However, now the face recognition is sporadic and many times won’t give any alert that someone is at the front which defeats the purpose why I selected this unit over the Ring as I bought both and decided to go with the Eufy. Anker, you really need to fix this issue with much better stable electronics and upgrade your firmware so that this issue does not persist. Right now , I’m thinking of returning the Eufy to Amazon before its too late and getting the Ring Pro which I returned after selecting the Eufy.

Are there any plans to update the motion detection? My car wheels set off the facial recognition trigger multiple times a night, sometimes incessantly. I keep having to play with the activity and ignore zones to get it to be somewhat useful, at the loss of certain areas of potential real motion.

Also, is there any way to set up motion detection that is not facial recognition? I’d like to be able to see other things besides faces moving around.

I have the same problem. Many recording of my car as people. Does not record many people in front of the doorbell. Eufy says a new doorbell won’t solve the problem and offered me a 20% discount.
I rather see them solving the problem. I replaced my Ring pro with this Eufy wired doorbell, but I am sorry I did.

Open succeed.

I’m pretty sure you can casually walk up throw a grenade and slowly walk away without being detected with these cameras. But if you’re a wheel, I’ll know instantly.

Close succeed

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Yeah. Same issue here. If I do a hard reset it will work correctly for about 5 minutes. Then I can either set it to detect EVERYTHING or nothing. No in between. Too late to send it back or I would.