Would like the doorbell compatible with Homekit

With Eufy cameras being touted as HomeKit compatible, I was surprised the doorbell wasn’t, after ordering.


It will be supported soon!


Really? Like with firmware? Or are you talking about a new model?

Both doorbell models wired and battery, or just the wired one?

Would be great to see a new wired model
With better camera, 4K
And Home Kit
That would Ring out the competition
I’d be all over that!!!
And I’m sure many others would
Let’s take over this doorbell market once and for all!!

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I hope so!
We are seeing lots of bugs with the cameras and door sensors currently. Long delays in notifications and/or access to recordings, and it seems as if more than 1 device cannot record to the home base at one time.
We have 4 of the 2c cameras, 2 door sensors and battery doorbell.

Last, the lag between someone entering the area and when it begins to detect and/or record is so long, at times the recording is only showing them walking away.

The door sensors sometimes report open when closed, possibly due to a home base connection Issue when the door was closed.

Last, we bought the iboost vacuum as well- would be nice to have a dashboard reporting status, last cleaning, level of waste bin, or just something with it showing last cleaning, etc.

Hoping these issues are being looked at and addressed.

@Mengdi Great day! I have noticed a lot of times when you reply to someones comment or suggestions you are very short with your answers! Why can’t you elaborate more so people as a community do nit have to keep asking? You say “It will be coming soon”! Is it in beta or are you just guessing it will be? Im currently on the HomeKit and HKSV beta and I have not been informed of any beta testing to this and I have asked the beta admin and no answer to my questions.

Thanks in advance.

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I understand but I cannot talk more, it’s business secret at this stage.

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NIt is business secret to discuss bugs and issues with the system?

At this point, since installing the video doorbell last week, I have not once been able to connect with it during a real-time event. I can rarely connect to it at all from my devices, though the homemade shows all it’s info. It takes forever for any events to show up in the memory on the home base, and I have not once been able to see someone at my door because of how long it takes to connect,

It seems as if the homebase has issues receiving data from more than one camera at a time, and the system is seeming unusable

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If you have any problems using the homekit, you can contact: support@eufylife.com for help.

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So existing doorbell (hardwire) is gonna be HomeKit compatible soon??

Thank you for sharing you thoughts on the HomeKit feature!

For the eufy Video doorbell, we will consider the possibility of future development. Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.

​Thank you for your support. Have a lovely day.

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What’s taking so long to implement Home Kit?
If I took this long at my job to innovate and produce
I would have been fired years ago! No kidding

Well, if you feel so strongly about it, design one or buy a competing product. It’s not “their job” to give you some feature that you knew wasn’t part of the package when you bought it and that we’ve never even heard was definitively going to be added. What an entitled and arrogant post.

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Who said I bought it?
It’s laid back people who don’t care that make companies think it’s ok to just sit back slack off
To get ahead in this world you have to be better than your competition
What’s wrong with demanding HomeKit
The worst they can say is NO
Companies need to know what their paying customers want
And if HomeKit is not important to you, then that’s ok, it’s important to me and a thousand others

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vote here for doorbell homkit support

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Actually, with them touting their cameras as HomeKit compatible and my previous purchase/use of said cameras, I assumed the doorbell (another camera in the line) would be as well.

Yes, my bad for making an assumption that one product in their line of products would be compatible with the others, but it is a reasonable assumption.

Take your high horse, and ride it elsewhere.

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