You can get Eufy on your Computer

There is an App that will work on your Computer. Here is the link below. Live feed only.
It will only play recordings that are on the cloud.

Or you can use Bluestacks android emulator and get full app functionality on a PC. There is also a native app for Mac but its not very good.


This is not working after 4.0 update, i can log on to the site on my computer, but there is always a time out, checked all settings, no botteneck of firewall enabled… any help?

I haven’t updated to Eufy 4.0 yet on Bluestacks. I run Bluestacks v4.0 and Eufy security 3.3 at the moment because they did something weird with the Eufy app in 3.5 that kept shutting it down. Probably trying to fix their abysmal battery life.

Not a big fan of Google anything so I have been getting all my Android apps for Bluestacks use from They haven’t posted the Eufy V4 yet. I like that they keep lots of older versions so if you are trying to test something, you can revert to an older version easily.

The newer Eufy versions are usually posted to APKmirror with a few days, but just checked and its not there yet.

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