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Guess How Much We Will Raise To Win a Free Smart Mail Box

Hey, eufy fans! Our latest Kickstarter campaingn is picking up a head of steam! We thought it would be a fun idea to offer you guys the opportunity to win one of our all-new Smart Drops! People love the concept of our …

834 September 28, 2020
Another Reason to Back SmartDrop! Existing Users Get a Free 1080p Indoor Cam

Hey, eufy fans! Here at eufy Security we value loyalty. We also believe that it is something that should be rewarded. That’s why we are offering a free 1080p Indoor Cam to all our awesome eufy Security users that back …

13 September 24, 2020
[Vote] Have your say on New UI design of Add Device page!|Design discussion

Hey, eufy fans! In order to let everyone choose their devices to pair quickly, please review the selection of the device list page.:heart_eyes: Below shows the current design, and we have found some issues: It’s di…

13 September 24, 2020
We’re Looking for Moderators | Have You Got What It Takes?

Update in Sept. 14th: Hey eufy fans: Please join me to welcome our First Moderator - @Tank , who will be responsible for eufyCam, Floodlight, eufy Security App Tank has been an advocate for Anker and a power user as …

69 September 22, 2020
You found a pond of knowledge | Tutorials Section (Keep updating)

Hi, eufy fans, Welcome to the eufy Security Vault - Tutorials Section :bulb: (Keep updating) This is the link worth collecting.:point_down: Here you’ll find an ever-growing list of official tutorials that were care…

8 September 20, 2020
How to Make your NAS Available on Indoor Cam? | Security Made Simple

By enabling RTSP (Real-Time Streaming Protocol) on specific Indoor Cam, the system will save all its recorded videos to your compatible NAS (Network-attached Storage). :open_file_folder: Essential Notes: The Basics: …

14 September 3, 2020
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