Battery still slowly losing charge even though I have a power adapter plugged in

Was this resolved? Because it’s still an issue for me. And I have the same problem… which is only being masked by eufy software as it hides the percentage of the battery charge until it hits 0% and shuts off altogether. I’m using a 24v tranformer with a 25/50 ohm resistor recommended by support.

After $112 dollars of testing out two different transformers and proper solid copper core wiring to give this the best odds of working, still stuck with a lousy doorbell that constantly discharges

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The back of the bell recommends 24v 500ma (UK) . So far appears to be working. Below 30% shows plug icon after being charged (usb) shows battery icon when reconnected to the plug in transformer.

If all you see is the plug icon (which is good, it’s saying it’s getting a charge if it wants it) go to the doorbell power manager and switch ‘working modes’. When you do it will show you the battery percentage, switch the surveillance mode back to where you had it and all should be good. It will probably be in the 80s.

When I hard wired mine the lowest I saw it at was 85%, at some point the firmware triggers it to charge back up to 90%, which I believe is better for the battery. Discharging it down to 20% would work just as well I guess. I didn’t have mine wired for long enough to get all the data but other posters say that theirs goes down to 80 or so and tops back up to 90.

If your battery is showing much less than 80, you might have a problem.

Hi all,

I have just installed a ring doorbell adaptor. 24v 20va plug.

I have ethernet between the adaptor and the doorbell doubling up on the pairs for the terminal blocks to ensure a safe amount of volts, watts and amps can traverse the wires. Tell a lie a cctv guy did it for me but we both knew…

The distance between the plug and the doorbell is 13ft so hardly any voltage drop.

Anyway, my battery was at 90%. Right now its on the plug symbol.

I’m also in the UK. I think I’m on three phase power and the plug doesn’t make a humming noise.

The noise doesn’t matter I think that’s all to do with the transformer in the plug. So if yours I don’t think it means anything bad however I’m not an electrician or a certified expert. One of the reason why I got someone who was so I’m covered.

i’m using a 24v transformer that puts out 1.67amps, which is what support recommended. I put in a resistor in place, just to drop the voltamps a tad as the transformer was reading 28v with a voltmeter since the transformer is an unregulated one. (most transformers of this nature will be unregulated). With the resistor in place, I’m getting a consistent 25.6v @ 1.61 amp. This still causes the doorbell to drain slowly if I enable any form of motion detection at all. (e.g. dynamic surveillance, optimal surveillance, or customized recording) If i set it to “optimal battery life”, sure, it would work and keep a charge, but that disables like 80% of the marketing features for this door bell, which stinks.

Since no one at Eufy support had any ideas how to really address this after forwarding all of the supporting documentation, forum posts, etc about this, they finally accepted my idea about a doorbell replacement, in case something is busted with my original doorbell. While i really want to think this might solve things, i think this is more of a pipe dream than anything else at this point. I’ll respond back if this does help — otherwise if you dont hear me in this thread any further, just assume this was a futile wasted effort i trying to get this doorbell to work as advertised.

I’m using 24v 500ma plugin transformer … not having any issues to date. Not using a resistor.

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I’m not on three-phase (which is usual for commercial purposes) and no hum. Plug is warm as would be expected but only from the the top.

Great but is your doorbell originally wired only or is it a wireless with the wired option thx?

I use an 8 volt adapter. This was already there and works flawlessly! It drops to 85% and then charges up.

Hi ours is battery . And it’s running fine with the plugin transformer .

Mine is the battery doorbell with an AC adaptor from Amazon. The battery drops to around 81% before charging back to 90%

nothing helped – futile effort. this thing is horrible at power management.

I hardwired my Eufy battery doorbell with the recommended 18v transformer and it just announced low battery warning ?
Really regret this purchase. Dreadful batter life and doesn’t work on mains.

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The adapter is 18V 800MA
The battery was below 20% when I fitted the hardwire… would that make any difference?


I would suggest charging your doorbell battery up to about 80-90% with the USB cord and then hook up your transformer and see if that works. The transformer recommendations from Eufy are for 30VA and your setup only sources 15 VA, so it could gradually lose charge over time. Starting out at 20% is pretty much guaranteed to give you problems with your small transformer.

That’s not the problem with low charge. I’ve tried it both ways … low charge and mostly charged. The problem is the doorbell will use more power than it can receive from the input doorbell terminals.

It’s also not pulling the full 24v either as when I test it with a USB cable plugged in it charged up and works. I just refuse to drill a hole in the house and run unrated USB cable through the drywall for this sorry doorbell.

It’s clearly a firmware/software issue as some with less motion/traffic above seem to be OK with the transformer. But if you live anywhere but a low traffic area this doorbell performs poorly

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Its not the doorbell’s fault that you have an undersized transformer. Your transformer is 1/2 the size of the recommended source. If the transformer can’t source enough current, you will gradually drain your battery.

The spec Eufy bases their battery life on is 10 activations per day, and 20 seconds of recording for each activation. If you have more activations or longer recording, it will draw more current. Their transformer specs are based on that calculation.

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A simple test would be to turn off motion detection for a day and see if the battery charge level improves. If it does then get a more powerful transformer,

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