Feature Suggestion - Scheduler + Geofencing

It has now been 1 year, either shit or get off the pot… !!!
Give us a date of completion or state that it will not be a feature.

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The modes need camera control for sensitivity and automation. Arlo has it somewhat figured out in their app, it can’t be THAT hard to add these features

This is the single most important feature request to improve both battery life and functionality. It’s fascinating they are unable to figure this one out. Embarrassing.

Returning my @eufy devices to Amazon after seeing they haven’t given ANY updates in over a year on this simple feature. what a joke…

Also wanting this feature! Especially now with working from home or when having the day off it’s great not to receive messages everytime you walk past the cam. But at night you want this.

2 years later this still isn’t a feature

You can do that with the Arlo camera system. It works great! Get with the times Eufy!!