Firware Update & Night Vision issues

Well… Not looking mate. EUFY support got back and told me to return the camera to the seller, which I can surmise from that they have no idea how to fix the issue.

What is incredibly insulting and annoying is they said I have to resend my unit back to the seller and would not issue a warranty claim as my reseller is not an authorised one, which is absolute BS…

I bought my cameras from ‘Appliances Online’ which I know for a fact is an authorised reseller
I did this via there Ebay account which should make no difference at all.

so just spoke to the guys by phone there and said you better re-check because as far I am aware they indeed are an authorised reseller (it was a major consideration in purchasing from them, since I could have bought cheaper going elsewhere) lady on the phone confirmed AO is an authorised reseller, doesent know why I was initially rejected a warranty claim, said she will check and get back to me within half an hour.

God help them if they try worm out of this because I will be going straight the the financial ombudsmun.

So…you re returning them?
I just got a response from support and they asked for my in voice picture or order screenshot, i think that they will.tell me to return them or something like that. Ps just found out about that 10 sync “delete everything” failure.

Well, I am unfortunately in a bit of a predicament. I have two choices.

Send this unit back to AO, get a refund, wipe my hands clean of EUFY and buy from another Manufacturer.
I am hesitant to get an exchange from AO as it is more likely to be of the same ‘bad batch’


Send this unit back to EUFY get a replacement and hope that they are clever enough (something I am not confident about) to not send me one of the same problem units. Because if I have a problem with the replacement unit also, I will have missed my window to have a cash refund from AO and be stuck with two paper weights.

Yeah, same here. Idk exactly what to do.

Then of course that Genius erase all sync button ‘feature’ does absulutely zero to help their cause

going to see what other alternative cameras there are out there, today

If you still have the option of a refund from your seller (assuming you didn’t purchase directly from them) It might be the better option. This means that even if you decide to purchase the same cameras again you could use that money refunded to you by the seller buy direct from EUFY and have your buyer protection restored again (30 days under the consumer rights act 2015) if faulty, which means you can be refunded by EUFY if the replacement cameras have problems also.

I would even choose that option if you purchased from EUFY directly. (i.e get a refund to purchase again, as appose to an exchange) offers you more protection

I’m having same issue for both eufycam 2’s, 2c was updated normally

Very frustrating

are your eufycam 2’s new Kev? what firmware version is installed? 4.4.1?

I am having the same problem with all my 2 pro cams bought at Xmas. Support have said to bear with them for a few days. The software will not update from 4.4.1 and night vision does not work autmt and switches back if I manually change it.

Yep, from what I can personally surmise (and I should clarify this is my own opinion and not 100% fact)

I honestly think they made a huge messup with the chips on the latest batch, it seems to be mostly affecting us who have just bought in December and from what I can gather, again this is from my own personal experience with customer service, is it not fixable at present. Given Eufys track record, I doubt it ever will be. Someone dropped the ball big time

and whats make the whole debacle more annoying and forces everyone to assumptions is they have refused to make an official announcement on the matter and that just stinks to me. Lets brush it under the carpet with the ‘sync button deletes all’ issue. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start calling these issues a ‘feature’ as well to cover their behinds.

Yes my twin 2 camera kit is 4.4.1 and tried all month to update to 4.6.6, anyway its going back to currys as I have till mid Jan to return, I can’t take the risk of eufy not sorting this out especially going on their past record.

I also purchased a 2c as an add on and that is much better, I think 5.4.5 firmware, not perfect but much better, I will buy a 2c twin kit/homebase when it’s on offer again.

best option Kev. worse thing you could do is get EUFY to exchange it potentially for another duff unit and by that time you have lost all chance for a cash refund. Always best to return for refund then purchase again to re-instate your 30 days in case you end up without a paddle again. Highly likely with EUFY

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This is the latest reply from support…There is no perfect solution now. Our engineers are working day and night on solving this issue now. If everything goes well, it will be solved in 7-14 days. Therefore, could you please wait for some days?

So they ll get fixed in 7-14 days, keep us updated if u get them working.

I have asked them what to do as I need to return the item within 30 days. I have asked them directly what to do as if I wait 14 days I will miss the 30 day return period. Giving a response of 7 - 14 days, do not inspire any confidence. Such a pain as I have position the cam’s outside etc.

Same issue here.
Problem updating from 4.4.1 and auto night vision not turned on automatically

When did you pruchase Abraham? Send the cameras back if within 30 days for refund (not exchange) as there is no fix presently unfortunately.

Wow so many customers unhappy with Eufy support who do not have a clue what they are doing, they are good at breaking the system with bad firmware updates 28/09/2021 then they try to get us customers to jump through hoops trying everything they suggest to fix system but only they can do that by pushing a working update to camera’s but as said previously they ( EUFY ) support unfortunately cannot that is why we are spammed with their new products, I will never buy another Eufy product again because they failed yo fix problem caused by them. A very unhappy and angry customer.

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