Homebase speaker constant rapid clicking

I brought the Home Base downstairs and connected it to my wifi network. So far, no clicking. Of course, I don’t see any ethernet light (flickering or otherwise) while it’s on wifi.

Other news - the Home Base 2 just updated to, and the DB updated to I wonder if that might include something to address the clicking / constant ethernet flickering?

There is nothing known to address the clicking noise in this update, Martin.

Received both updates. Speaker noise and clicking still there after bell has rung. Restart of homebase makes it go quiet until the next chime. Irrespective of wired or wife or location in or around the house.

@Remko1 - sorry to hear that. It does rather point to a hardware issue. My original was ordered from Amazon, and although Eufy Support provided the replacement, it also arrived in Amazon packaging. Maybe I was lucky to skip the batch that had the problem (if indeed it is h/w and not s/w).

Meanwhile, I chased the rapidly flickering ethernet light a little more with Eufy Support, who to be fair have actually been quite helpful and responsive. Their agent confirmed that her own Home Base unit was doing the same rapid flickering, but that this was to be expected and just showed that things were operating / functional.

I’ve replied that I’ve never seen an Ethernet light flashing like that, but I guess I’ll have to leave it as unresolved.

Meantime my biggest bugbear is with the ridiculously delayed notifications on the Android app.

Hi there,

I was wondering if you have experienced the same noise like this?

I got two Home Base 2 (original one and the replacement), and both emit the same clicking noise. It sounds so cheap and annoying. Perhaps I am going to return them.

I just got 2 new Home Base 2. Set them up, and hear the constant clicking noise. I’m returning them both and trying again. I noticed that when adding a new device, there’s some type of static noise that doesn’t sound intentional. I suspect there’s some minor hardware deficiency.

Hi guys, i bought also a set of eufyCam2c with HomeBase 2 through Check24.de which have been delivered in Amazon Package. Have the same issues with the clicking sound and can‘t pare the cameras. Firmware is installed and all Setup instructions followed correctly. Still don‘t work.

I have a eufy doorbell with homebase 2. I also heard the click sound during setup. Not after that. The homebase is connected via ethernet and the ringer is turned off. The doorbell is connected to the old bell transformer.