HomeBase2 must reset, over and over, ad infinitum

I am having these exact same issues. Nothing I am trying is working. I just got the eufy system today for Christmas, and if this is how things are for this company, I will promptly be returning it. No matter what I do or try, or how many times I reset the HomeBase it will not configure. Has anyone found a fix to this?


I had the exact same problem as many users reported here on this forum + on reddit.
I couldn’t add the homebase (version 2) to the EufySecurity app, the app kept asking me to reset the homebase every time.

After many attemps I was finally able to add the homebase to the app by pressing the sync button while doing the initial setup (not the reset button). When you scan the QR code (with the app) and you see the app is searching for you homebase, you have to immediately press the sync button on the homebase (while the app is still looking for your homebase).

I hope this can help some of you that still have the same problem.