Keypad and motion sensor now available on

I totally agree with you!!

You can’t buy the keypad separate though… we should be able to buy the keypad separately!!

I agree, I wish the keypad is sold separate, may be in the future it will be offered that way.
But, you can manage all those settings and even more in the eufysecurity app in the phone, so why bother going to keypad to Arm/Disarm?

@Ice4 I agree with you but geofencing is so unreliable on 2 phones! So if keypad is used there should be no problems… But if you have kids there seems to always be a problem :rofl::v:t2:

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I think it is useful when the internet connection is out and you cannot disarm the alarm system with your phone.


Good news :smiley:

Agree with you @Erwin4, Keypad is handy when you don’t have internet.
But @Mengdi does this keypad use the proprietery wifi to communicate to the homebase to arm/disarm?
If the internet is out but the phone is connected to the same wifi as the homebase, can we still arm/disarm or do any other function using phone?

I had issues with geofencing on some other product from another brand as well. So, I don’t rely on geofencing as much.
Having said that, you can still do arm/disarm, home/away functions manually/automatically using phone.

Rest assured that the Alarm Keypad will be available to purchase separately.


Great to know @Insider thanks for the update :+1:

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I never knew I would make a discussion with so many people talking, This is great!!!


Yes! I would like it to be available without the HomeBase2. Just like the battery-powered Doorbell.

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Thanks for the feedback. Because the Geofencing feature relies on the positioning accuracy of the mobile phone system itself, there are some differences in the accuracy of different mobile phone models and system versions. At the same time, we found that there are some bugs in the iOS 13 series version that cause the positioning service to be killed. We are still targeting In-depth testing and optimization of various models. It is expected that there will be significant optimization improvements before Q3. If the location cannot be updated, re-opening the app (the background location service will be automatically activated) should temporarily solve this problem.
If there is new progress, we will post an announcement in this forum, so stay tuned.
You can also contact us via, so that we can solve the issue dedicated for you.