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This link to BB calls the camera “2k” but the specs say 1080p. There’s a problem here.

@Winn10 my mistake.

Because I’m using HKSV on eufycam2 but not with indoorcam 2k, I was mistakenly thinking eufycam2 is higher bitrate than indoorcam 2k because 2k@15FPS < 1080p@24FPS.

The proper comparison is 1080p@15 vs 2k@15.


@Eufy254 That said, back to the battery life topic. I still don’t see how without any battery capacity changes or improvements in compression, etc how battery life could be better than the Eufy Cam 2. Maybe it is a minor difference in their perfect conditions but “usually” all things equal and increased pixels = lower battery life. Maybe they have a secret up their sleeve on the 2Ks though. That said with my 5 eufy 2s I won’t get anywhere close to 1 year anyhow (busy locations)- more like 5 months. That is still fine by me but I would’t want to cut it down to say 3 months = 4 recharges a year.

Two additional things for those thinking of purchasing the 2 Pro:

  1. Automation doesn’t work yet. Eufy Cam 2 Pro does not show up in the Automation tab at all. So far, you can’t trigger the Pro to do anything as its just not available.
  2. Google Assistant and Alexa are unable to see the device. So that integration doesn’t work (no casting, etc)

I assume that, since it’s technically still in pre-release, these will be updated and patched. If you are a buyer looking to get those features now, I would recommend holding off until they fix/update those.

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Agree. “Assume” at the same level as things like promised 2FA, external storage on the Homebase 2, etc😂


@Winn10 I’m not disagreeing re: battery life.

I didn’t realize my eufycam 2 was pushing more pixels per second than the 2k @15FPS only because HKSV was enabled on the eufycam 2 but not my 2k. The 2k in the same mode as the eufycam 2 is in fact more pixels per second.

Really, the increase in resolution and detail is the only positive change so far. The motion detection behavior seems about the same. I’ll have to do more testing to see if motion detection improves from the one it replaced (That one missed people on occasion or was very delayed). I go back and forth between trying to use the AI human detection, activity zones, or just let it record everything.

There’s more detail the Pro image video, which is too be expected for the bump in resolution. The blacks seem little darker as well. Interestingly, I had a hard time getting pictures to show a good distinction between the two. The Pro image had better definition in the trees in the background and overall, but the 1080p seemed to resolve the bricks better in some places. That’s likely just compression and my inability to grab a good screenshot.

Night at 2K (Left/top) 1080P (Right/bottom)

Another thing: The pro has a “Video Quality” option to set streaming settings like the Battery Doorbell Camera. This isn’t present in the 1080p version. I never really use that setting, but for those that might, there it is:


It’s a typo. I already asked them to modify.
Sorry for the confusion

I’m ready for 4K video and some optical zoom on all the cameras doorbell indoor outdoor. :grinning:


To further answer the question about things I enjoy:

I’ve finally been able to test it a few more days. The 2K resolution, even at night, is quite a step up. It also seems that there less artifacting in the compression, which is good for detail regardless of the resolution.

A neighbor is missing a black and white cat. For the past few months, I’ve seen a black and white cat going through my yard at night, but the footage was too blurry and pixalated to really know if it was the right one. Tonight, the Pro camera captured footage and I was surprised at the level of detail. At about 40 feet from the camera, I was able to make out the unique marketings and coloration on the legs, thus confirming that it is not her cat.

Many peoole buy security cameras in the hope that they never really need to use them: To identify a criminal breaking into our property.

The real word scenarios are a little less dramatic: “Why is our recycling bin on its side?”, “Who keeps leaving cigarette butts by the gate”, and “What does my dog do when I’m gone that makes such a big mess”.

I think the higher the resolution, the better at accomplishing those.

All of the other problems with the system aside, if I have to buy a new camera to pick between the Pro and non-pro again, I’d go for higher resolution Pro.