Which design of dual-cam doorbell do you like?

I would love this doorbell but wired.

And with the A.I. of the Floodlight Cam 2 Pro.

Also prerecording before movement.

Thank you

Same here. And homekit support.

Agreed. I’m holding off any upgrades until I know if there is prerecording. Here’s to hoping that prerecording is made available if you run wired to a doorbell transformer.

Really!?!? Wow

I know I ordered Amazon crap 3days ago… I got a notification that it would arrive today. But…. OMG! Some strange person is approaching my DOOR! In some strange blue and black uniform carrying something!!! Now they are bending over and it looks like they left it at my door!!! OMG!?!? Now they are leaving and they no longer have the stuff they were carrying!?!? Should I call the police!? IF I only had a doorbell cam that could look down…

When I say crap?!? I should say here… I’m an Amazon delivery driver.