Advertising now really?

Been getting popup advertising ads. This is bullshit


100% agree. We pay for their hardware and are forced to put up with ads in the app and surveys. Stop this now!

Maybe everyone should put all their Eufy gear in a pile and light it on fire and post pics on Youtube to show everyone what we think of Eufy’s latest ad campaign.


Couldn’t have said it any better. Amazing the standard to buying a product is we get screwed every goddamn time. Eufy you even reading this shit???

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I absolutely positively agree.
Advertising is what stupid people do when they can’t get a real estate licenses.
And I HATE looking at the product of stupid people.
Turn them OFF!

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Plus 1 I’m getting tired of these ads.
I’ve noticed on Google Play the reviews for eufy app also complain about the ads.
Eufy / Anker response: please contact us at support and we will remove the ads for you.

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Stop these advertisements or I’m switching products.

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can they be blocked?

Totally agree. Stop pop up ads, these make Eufy become cheap company.