Alexa And SoloCam S40

On the eufy website it says the S40 is compatible with Alexa. I linked everything together yet it’s showing the camera as a light only and not a viewable device. Am I missing something or is this a known “bug” ? Any word of a resolution to this issue ?

Anyone ?

I’m probably of no help here. Though I do recall seeing a YouTube video about 5 months ago where the camera would show up as a “light” in Alexa. Don’t remember the outcome or which solocam it was S40,L40,L20. Have you tried asking Alexa to: Show me the S40?
At least I bumped you up. I’m sure others in the community are using the same setup and hopefully they’ll chime in with better help.

It did finally learn that it’s a light and a motion detector however when you ask Alexa to show you the camera it tells you it can’t on the current device.