Android 11 battery drain with latest Eufy app

I’m using the 2K Eufy battery video door bell. All is going well, except the last app update seems to be killing my phone battery. By allowing Android 11 on my OnePlus 8T to manage power for apps, all is ok but geofencing is poor when set to this mode. If the app is set to not be optimised by the o/s then geofencing works ok but battery drain is awful. Wasn’t a problem before, but I’m noticing it on the current version of the Eufy app. Am I alone or is this a known issue? Hoping for a swift fix from Eufy for this

Same here but with my Pixel 3A XL.
Phone lost 7% in 10 mins when getting alerts only and not in active use.
Hoping there’s an update soon

I’m new to this forum, does the company ever actually provide answers to posts? I also have severe battery drain with the current version of Eufy Security, running on Android 11, Oxygen variant. I installed it for the first time today after setting up a new doorbell device. Having looked at previous posts, this seems to have been an issue for some users on both Android and IOS, stretching back to early 2020. This does not occur with other camera apps (e.g. Ezviz) or the Eufy home app, both of which provide real time notifications. Not impressed, may have to return. Where is this ‘great customer support’ Eufy never stops going on about?

This is a usr forum. Eufy doesn’t usually monitor it other than an occasional announcement. If you want support , then either email their support address or use the phone or chat.

I have 4 Android devices with Eufy app installed and Eufy only takes an average of 2-3 % of my battery draw across all of them. My newest device is on Android 10 and the rest on 8 and 9, so it may be something to do with Android 11.

Same here on iOS 14.6 it takes 50% of my battery!

It’s terrible on Android 11 now. My battery drain can be high as 25% in a few hours. I emailed support multiple times. All I get is we are looking into it. It’s been a few weeks now and no update. I even wiped my phone this morning. 5 mins after I installed Eufy Security my phone notifies of high battery drain.

Agreed, shocking battery life now but if you allow battery optimisation then you don’t get notifications!

I installed the Eufy Security app and it made my old phone overheat to the point where I replaced it. I had not identified the issue yet. I just thought my phone was getting old and dying. So I bought a brand new Samsung A51-5G, and I get daily warnings that the Eufy app is draining my battery. Please fix it!!!