Android App Battery Drain

Why does this keep happening?

This is now the 3rd time the Android App has updated and then proceeded to drain the phone battery.
This time its so bad the phone’s OS has put the Eufy App into Deep Sleep making it redundant as it can’t get Event Notifications if its in Deep Sleep.

Android v4.2.4_1304 running on a Samsung Galaxy S21+ (Android 12)

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Hi. I have an S21 as well but don’t have this issue. It maybe your phone is set for full hardware usage. IE max screen color, super enhanced everything. The S21 is an excellent phone but I dummied mine down to lower resolutions as I don’t game on it or watch movies etc.
I only have my Eufy cams set to home and turned off notifications on my phone. They still record everything and I check the app regularly when I’m away