Anyone else feel ripped off?

Multiple events I have to go find what happened on the camera after I come outside and see my yard trashed. I changed nothing and my cameras won’t notify me of activity. This is not good. Zero trust means these cameras are complete garbage. Why doesn’t anything work like it’s advertised at all anymore? Eufy, I hope you are sued due to this shit. What an awful product by an awful company. Beyond disappointed right to absolutely disgusted.

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Yes, completely! Our camera is malfunctioning, took over a month for customer service to replace it and they sent the wrong model. While we left out of pocket for shipping costs to return it and replace again. In addition home security is failing due malfunctioning product. To compensate at 15% off your future purchase, but you have the hassle of dealing with poor customer service to get the deal for a product that may or may not do its job.

My doorbell won’t pick up motion within five feet away.

Understanding how these cameras actually work requires a ton of work… and then getting them to actually work for you is another painful process. I have been using Eufy cameras now for 2 years. ( I have 8 ) I wanted to throw them all in the garbage at first. I also don’t recommend them to anybody without some serious consultation and knowing where they are mounting them and what they expect . The odds that you can put them up without knowledge and have them work is rare. (I did have one location that just worked) I feel your pain!!!

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