[APP 2.2.0] Solar Panel spotted in app teardown

As the changelogs of the eufy security app are not that extensive, and frankly eufy could do more to keep us up to date on development of features and issues, I have decided to look into the Android app and compare 2.2.0 to the previous version.
In that context, I came across these settings and images for a solar panel:

<string name="eufycam_charge_mode">Power Source</string>
<string name="eufycam_charge_mode_battery">Battery</string>
<string name="eufycam_charge_mode_solar">Solar Panel</string>
<string name="eufycam_charge_mode_solar_tip">Please confirm you have installed the solar panel and connect it to the camera before changing the settings.</string>

eufycam_e_solar_energy_popup_img eufycam_solar_energy_homepage_icon eufycam_solar_energy_popup_img eufycam_solar_energy_setting_icon

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Good sleuthing. I guess new firmware will have.a solar panel charging mode as to not wear out the battery.

Eufy is indeed releasing a solar panel for cameras later this year.

A Reddit thread even has a picture of it: