Audio issues eufy 2k battery

Hi. My eufy 2k battery doorbell has good video and audio when you view the live feed. I can hear the outside audio on my iPhone perfectly. But as soon as I click on the 2 way audio button I can not hear the outside audio. They can hear me and the video is fine. But I can’t hear them.
Any ideas? We have tried all of the reset, reconnect options the help desk have suggested. Thanks.

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I have exactly the same problem. Hopefully someone knows why this is.

Same issue here. Was told by support that it needs a firmware update, which will be rolled out soon…

Same issue on mine the 2 way is totally broken speech cannot hear a word I’ve reset everything and also rebooted router it used to work fine now doesn’t. I have been in contact with support who stated they were doing a firmware roll out but needed time for this to happen. They then also took details for a replacement should this be needed.

Only reason you get a doorbell is to speak to people and it doesn’t work but hopefully they roll it out quick as it just a flashy looking doorbell at the mo.

Here the same problem.

I got intouch with eufy support about this issue who said they would push a new firmware to my device that would resolve the issue. An hour later my 2k battery doorbell had a new firmware to install 5.4.5 and I am happy to say it fixed the audio problems.

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I can hear people outside but they can’t hear me

They told me that and then nothing ever appeared but another email saying it was going to tech team and nothing heard since

Still on the old firmware… Any ideas when they are pushing out to all?