Audio problems on eufyCam 2

I recently added two eufyCam 2 cameras to my system, but both cameras are having a bit of an audio problem. I’ve put them both up in the same place at different times, and the first had little to no volume, while the second one has plenty of audio, but is creating its own repetitive sound that you can hear when in live view and on motion detects (a two-second loop). I tried turning the cameras off and back on, but the same result with both. I don’t know if both are defective (bought them together so that would not be a surprise). I also have the Eufy wireless doorbell and the audio on that is crystal clear.

Can you describe how you’re listening to the audio? Are you near the camera when doing so, because the mic on the camera could be picking up the sound on your phone which would create an audio loop.

I have the same issue with my eufy 2 pro. When I press speak icon to talk, there is an echo sound even though I did not speak anything and my phone is not close to the camera. Is it defective ? Tried to lower camera volume but the echo still exists whenever I press the speak icon

I have had the same problem with the audio quality for my Eufy 2C - contacted customer support who showed me delink/ linked the camera to the home base again. It does not work. They advised its defective & asked me to contact the original for warranty. Unhappy as it looks links many have the same issue