Blue light on homebase 2 no longer working?

Hi. Went to turn on the cameras and got the message, cameras offline. Nothing was working. Usually when it’s not working the light on the homebase is red. There was no light on at all. Unplugged the power then plugged in again. Red light starts flashing. Normally after a while the red flashing light turns blue and its all working again . This time the red light goes out and it’s just blank.
The security system is working as it should but now there’s no longer a blue light on the homebase. Had the system for almost a year. Maybe the blue LED light has blown ?


any update on this

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I have two homebase 2s running 3 cameras each. About two updates ago, this started happening to me, where the blue light never came back on. I thought it was an LED short or something. Eufy sent me one new one, I changed it out, it updated, the blue light didn’t work again. So, I have the one original which has a blue light sometimes, and a replacement which has no blue (or light at all, except red when rebooting) light. Both work and I can see my 6 cameras, so I just said “oh well” to it. Definitely a firmware update issue.


Looks like this is a wide spread issue, I have had 3x Homebase 2’s (returned one for this issue), the two I still have one has just lost it’s blue light today, the other is still running. The details are below;

*No Blue LED Homebase 2 - System Version:, Subsystem Version:, Serial Number: T8010N1320XXXXXX. Firmware is up to date (for my region - AUS).
*Blue LED working Homebase 2 - System Version:, Subsystem Version:, Serial Number: T8010N1320XXXXXX. Firmware is up to date (for my region - AUS).

I have owned / run mine for just under a year (10 months).

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More likely a bad solder joint on the LEDs. Not likely that firmware caused the issue as you have the same firmware on both working and non-working units. I have same firmware on both of mine and they have been working for about a year.

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I am experiencing the same issue with the blue light. Any update on how to rectify please!

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The same problem here. Works fine but no blue light.


Me to blue light went off today hope eufy find answer and fix it?

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Same here. Blue light went out today and system working fine. Looks like Euphy is going to be replacing a lot of Homebase 2’s Hopefully they will respond on this!

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Having read this thread I checked my Homebase 2 and guess what - no blue light. Rebooted to red light and when complete still no blue light.

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Had eufy replace my homebase for blue light out. If I could go back I would have just ignored it. Replacement was a huge pain.

I have the exact same issue. Blue light out however system still seems to be working?
Unit is exactly 13 months old so out of warranty now.

Eufy need to sort this issue as it simply isn’t good enough.

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This issue just started on my home base also. System is working in all aspects but no blue light on the home base. 2 weeks beyond warranty, just my luck. Waiting for support response…

Same here. Same exact issue. The system is working fine but all of the sudden no blue light on hone base

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Blue light just failed on mine. Reported it on the first day my warranty expired. They won’t replace mine. One day out of warranty.

My blue has also gone. Wonder if it’s a software problem?

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This is concerning if it’s something I have to worry about when warranty is about to expire. Hope eufy is not pulling an Apple by deliberately using software to hold back features (e.g. when Apple used software to slow down phones/conserve battery on older models to force users to buy the new phones) :worried:

Had same issues with blue led. On my third HomeBase. The issues I’m having now is the HomeBase overwrites/ deletes recorded video. Eufy has lost favor with me. I no longer recommend this system.

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I had the same issue after 13 months from purchase. I wrote to Eufy assistance. They suggested me to reset the base. Nothing changed, the blue light is still off. Then they asked for a video of what happens. After this no answer and no solution. Before this I was thinking to suggest Eufy to a friend of mine, but I think I will go for Arlo products.

Same thing here.
Blue light stop working 2 days ago. Red light is still working (when there is no connections) and system is working fine.
Strange thing…