Boyfriend keeps taking me off the camera system. How do I get in without needing him to refer me. We live in the same house and he takes me off because he’s hiding something. Any suggestions?

Boyfriend keeps taking me off the camera system. How do I get in without needing him to refer me. We live in the same house and he takes me off because he’s hiding something. Any suggestions?

I suggest a New boyfriend and a new camera for your new place.


There’s no way you can do this without letting him know. Either the homebase is removed from his app, or you get a discussion etc.
I would recommend talking about what’s going on.

You can always reset the homebase and add it again on your own account so that you’re the ‘main’ user. I assume you think things are going on while he’s at home and you’re not. If he’s that paranoid about you using the cameras, he’s going to know if you’ve reset the homebase because his app won’t show the cameras anymore.
So again, there’s no real way he won’t notice. Start talking about the problem and try to figure it out together.


Talk to him to find out is he is intentionally removing you. If so, why would you want to stay with him? You might want to buy a very discreet camera for your access only (a completely different kind from Eufy) to see what’s going on, before you confront him.


People are all jumping to conclusions. The man probably just doesn’t want to be monitored every time he comes and goes. Including every time he brings a package into or out of the house. It doesn’t necessarily mean he’s being shady.

If you’re suspicious for other reasons, talk to him. Other wise give the man a little individual freedom to come and go. And the suggestion about sneaking a hidden camera is a bad idea.

That doesn’t make any sense at all. He doesn’t want to be monitored, but does so to his boyfriend/girlfriend?
Also, no one is jumping to conclusions. In fact, you’re the only one stating a conclusion.


Situation doesn’t make sense. BF installs security cameras with GF knowledge but doesn’t let her keep access. Also, if BF is main Admin account, he needs to send invite access but keeps removing it :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

As some of the users have mentioned, you are best to speak to the BF to understand what is going on (maybe he doesn’t know he is removing you, or even there is a bug with the app), if you do not confront it then your mind will just start thinking negative things.

Get back into the system, and if you catch him doing something you don’t like, dump him. After you’ve already changed the locks and put his stuff out on the lawn.

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Counter him and install your own cameras side by side and lock him out :joy:


Pretty controlling BF…seems like time spent with him is an expense and not an investment. Trust first then love.


Almost 700 views so far! Thanks for bringing some soap opera drama to this forum. Now… we need regular updates from this OP…

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I absolutely agree, such great material

If he has an iPhone go on settings scroll to the very top type in passwords in the search bar and look for the eufy app and you will find his login then log into his account either use his account or ever time he removes you login and add your acc again, problem solved:)

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Playing Devil’s advocate, maybe GF has done something/or does things that BF does not like, e.g. invite (male?) friends round when BF is out, dodgy deliveries, snoops on BF’s personal belongings, steals, etc. Maybe her actions seem normal to her but suspicious to other people. Hence reason why camera(s) are installed. We don’t know the full picture, users in here could be aiding her in covering up her crimes :laughing:

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There’s somewhat a way to find out what he’s doing when he completely removes your access from the camera, what you do is find out as much as possible on when he removes and possibly when he does something he doesn’t want the camera to see(or you to see).
Use another phone that you don’t use where you can log in with your eufy on that phone and have the eufy camera you’re being taken out of to be streaming before he removes you, set that phone to screen record and once he removes you, you won’t be removed because that phone is already live streaming and you won’t get kicked out unless you get out of the app and force exit the eufy app. That way once he removes your access, he won’t know you can still see what’s going on cuz ur live streaming still and screen recording from another device.

So yea this is one of the flaws of removing someone’s camera access of eufy, is that if someone is live streaming already, and they remove your access of that specific camera you’re live viewing from, you won’t get affected until you force exit the app and re enter eufy app until then the new changes will apply.

Aaaaand… if he finds out you’re doing this… he can simply just unplug the camera from an outlet and that will hide all the evidence and you have no way of finding out what he’s hiding cuz the camera is literally off. But at least you’ll get a notification on your phone that the cameras been disconnected cuz unplugging the camera will cut the internet which then sends force notifications to everyone who has access to fix the problem. (Rather than removing access to someone on the app which does not notify them of the change unless they open the app to check) buttttt at least u get to call him and ask him why you’re getting a notification of why the cameras unplugged, and he can then make up excuses :wink:
Soooo… he should prolly remove your access first, then unplug the camera so you don’t get a notification. Then plug the camera back and grant u access once he’s done hiding something.

Pleaseeee do update me with the outcome of this, your case is very exciting!!! lol :slight_smile: and feel free to ask anymore question that I might have a solution for :slight_smile:

I find that with my boyfriend , everything he has been doing lately is suspicious , ordering things out if the ordinary , play knives , game controls , takes 90 min showers , looking all around the room before intimacy , when we shower together looks all around as if there are cameras …

Actually I can see that point. My wife only has access to the doorbell not the cameras. The reason is that she constantly reported back to me my every movement when I was home alone. It got bloody tedious tbh. I don’t even think of watching her when I’m not home. She can do whatever she wants in private. If she’s up to no good it will come to light eventually anyway.
I removed her purely because I got bored of her childish approach to the cameras.

I would get a small camera and set it up for your phone only.

Are these all cameras on a single homebase? Or is the doorbell standalone?