Confused about automation / triggers

I own a Eufy Security 1080P, as I am testing it to replace my Wyze Cameras. The person detection works great! The quality is amazing!

But I am trying to configure the camera to turn on lights (smart outlet) when it detects a person. Not motion, but an actual person. Is this possible? Documentation on triggers is poor, I can’t even find what screen it is configured on, but one post says it on the Security tab, however, I don’t have the automation option on this tab.

Is my camera not compatible? Or do I need more hardware?

Thank you!

IndoorCam or eufyCam?

Model No: Indoor Cam

They are different from EufyCam?

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The automation feature works only with the homebase as far as I know. If you had a homebase, then only the cameras would be controller using automation, no smart outlets.

You can integrate with IFTTT through your phone to start smart light.

I did it like this.

Cam sees person
Phone gets eufy notification with word person in it
Phone triggers IFTTT to start smart life light

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