Constant audio stutter in live feed, not in recording

Got the same problem here too. There is plenty of bandwidth. Eufy, please fix the problem! I just spent hours drilling holes in the wall and floor to run power to the doorbell so we could live stream and not worry about running down the battery.

I have contacted support. Their engineers are investigating.

I confirmed with another person that the stutter started after the homebase update in February.

Did the same. I also pointed them to this thread.

I suggest that everyone who experiences this issue opens a support ticket and opens to this thread, because they need to understand that these issues are related and urgent.

Same issue here, audio on doorbell stutters constantly!!
@Eufy when can we expect a fix?

First post. After a couple of weeks with our new wireless doorbell, I find there’s lots to like. However, like others in this thread, the live audio is wretched. Before I invest in any further Eufy security products, they’re going to have to respond to this issue and provide a working remedy.

Hi, The Eufy doorbell audio still stutters so much that a normal conversation cannot be held if somebody is at the door. Any progress on this problem? After I created a ticket all I get is that Eufy is not aware of a problem and they want my receipt and log files as well as videos…

+1 here. Very frustrating. Eufy broke the 2c cameras with the white flash issues and it took them over a year to fix. Now they’ve broken this too! Will raise a ticket also

I raised a ticket however Eufy responded by only asking to reset things. After doing so it of course did not fix the problem. Answer from Eufy was it must be a hardware problem… When I again pointed out that audio in the live stream stutters but the recording of the live stream is fine I get no more response.
Warning for all that think about buying the doorbell, don’t do it untill you get confirmation Eufy fixed the problem!! This company does not see it’s customers as a priority…

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I got the same response from Eufy.
The reset did not fix the problem, as I expected.
They advised me to return the video doorbell to my seller, but that is useless because it’s a software issue.

This is no hardware problem!

Eufy take action, NOW!

Please don’t buy this product, they have to fix this issue first.

i have the same problem since the last update.
when this is resolved @eufy ?
and it is not a hardware problem!

I have sent eufy Netherlands feedback on this item

This is the answer from eufy on my feedback. I think it is a software issue and not a hardware issue. Or not?
Hello, Thank you for contacting Eufy customer service. We are very sorry to hear about problems with your video doorbell microphone. - Check that the network environment is running smoothly - Move your home base closer to the doorbell and give it a try - Reset Homebase and your doorbell and then pair Please help us provide the following information to speed up the warranty process: - Your current delivery address - Serial number of the doorbell. You can check it on the doorbell or in the Eufy Security APP (My device> Doorbell name> Doorbell settings> Device information> Serial number). - Email address of your EufySecurity account - The pdf of your invoice or a screenshot of your order with the number of your order We apologize for the inconvenience. We attach great importance to your case and hope to get this done for you as soon as possible. Thank you very much for your patience and have a nice day! >>>>>>>>

Same here, just bought the set and doubting if I should keep it. Recordings are fine, life feed and rings are almost unusable. Setting video quality to medium or low changes this a bit. Watching the data stream it hops betwee 300K and 50K. Moved the base withing a meter of the doorbell, no resolution.

Only the base uses my home Wifi, guess the doorbell had a proparity 2.4Ghz connection.

Open a support ticket


Now even with video settings set to Average the sound stutters.
Eufy wake up an fix it asap!
This way the doorbell is completely useless.
Because it is a software issue my seller won’t give me a refund. This should be fixed by Eufy.

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@Eufy Anybody reading this???

Please respond how Eufy intends to fix the doorbell issue!!

As stated by others in this chat, it is no hardware issue so resets, get a replacement is not the answer

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